New in Our Product Rang: ISO-DRAIN flat
For controlled root growth
The new ISO-Drain flat impedes uncontrolled root growth, in both horizontally and vertically laid positions. That allows it to protect underground cables, pipes, drains and also foundations from roots and rhizomes.

The membrane for sloped surfaces: ISO-DRAIN nature 3 P
The ISO-DRAIN nature 3 P has been specially developed to deal with the challenges this brings, particularly drainage under outdoor surfaces.

The membrane for fixed-lay floorings: ISO-DRAIN nature 10 MP
ISO-Drain nature 10 MP has been specially developed for the fixed-lay installation
of terraces/roof terraces and balcony flooring.

The product program has been extended:: ISO-DRAIN nature 10 GP / nature 10 GPG
ISO-DRAIN nature 10 GP - The Composite Sheet for Inverted Roofs
ISO-DRAIN nature 10 GPG - The Composite Sheet for Green Roofs

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Foundation Wall Protection
Green roof/Landscaping
Site hoarding and Dust Partition walls
ISO-PROTECT-Side Hoarding System, Installation
ISO-CLEAN-Staubwandsystem, ISO-CLEAN-Dust Partition walls, Installation
Product range Dimpled sheets
Product range ISO-Drain „nature“

Latest release:
ISO-DRAIN nature 20 PG

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Technical Data ISO-DRAIN Basic Sheets
Technical Data ISO-DRAIN nature
Technical Data ISO-DRAIN Special Sheets

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DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Interplast
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Interplast s.r.o.